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I’m not Charlie. I respect each other.

janeiro 11, 2015

At a time when the whole world is manifested in rejection of the act classified as terrorist, in which some men broke into the headquarters of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, killing rifle shots some of those responsible for the publication of tacky.

Interestingly, in the midst of so many manifestations of rejection of the terrorist act and in defense of free speech, do not hear a voice that is, to try to show the world how much these individuals are harassed, discriminated, disrespected, the simple fact are Muslims.

I invite the reader to do a simple Google search for the Charlie Hebdo cover images. I doubt that you will not feel a little offended with such disrespect by institutions and people. Each cover them seems to be more outrageous and aggressive than the last.

Figures linked to power and religion mainly are portrayed in cartoons in situations and nothing interesting positions. They reached the height of writing on the cover of an issue that “the Koran is shit.” Now, for whom Islam lives, there can be no greater offense. After all, Islam’s followers in no way resemble modern Christians here in Brazil for example, for which what matters is to buy individual salvation sold by pastors, or repeat a thousand times the same mass, but without making once the inner change.

But the Islamists take their religion seriously. For them, do not play the same with God. And if playing dies. While we remain in the words, they practice what they preach.

So, summing up the bloody operetta, what happened in France was that famous cartoonists and greedy of Charlie Hebdo stuck his foot in it, abusing the freedom of the press and expression, dealing with the greatest contempt and disrespect that is deeply sacred for many people in the world. They played with the image of Muhammad, compared shit Al Koran, Islam’s holy book and received payment for their courage.

Therefore, these modern terrorists today are the same as did the Christian heroes of the Middle Ages, who killed all those who did not respect the holy, unchanging and unquestionable laws of the god of time. Woe to him who dared to mutter in vain the holy name …

Watch the video on Youtube:


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